Jedwabna kolekcja CHOPIN

Chopin Collection


The story of a silk thread: Chopin and his life

How long can one look at a scrap of silk? A glance will not be enough if we are talking about a unique neckerchief which is a tribute to the most eminent Polish composer and pianist, Fryderyk Chopin. This neckerchief is an invitation to contemplate the life and work of an artist beloved by the whole world. Analysing detail by detail the motifs that the talented illustrator Beata Dyszkiewicz-Dziadak has included in her design, and which have been transferred onto the highest quality silk from Milanówek, we recall or become familiar with the most characteristic facts connected with the entire life of the ‘Poet of the Piano’. It is both an absorbing adventure and a lesson introducing us to the figure of a musical genius who lives not only in our memory.

Through his music, he ensured his immortality. His mazurkas, polonaises, nocturnes, etudes and other compositions still resound to this day in the most prestigious concert halls, in temples or in the private homes of music and culture lovers.

Jedwabna Apaszka
Jedwabna Apaszka
Jedwabna Apaszka


The silk neckerchief can be a trademark of those who are particularly fond of Chopin’s work. His works are synonymous with Polishness, going far beyond just music. These melodies united Poles at important moments, gave patriotic meaning to events, poured encouragement into hearts and told of the Polish soul. Music that remains Poland’s ambassador to the world to this day. Chopin lives in us, which we can emphasise in various ways. One of them is a silk neckerchief filled with meanings and motifs from his life.

The license for the CHOPIN Silk Collection was given to Luma Milanówek company in 2022.