Jedwabna kolekcja CHOPIN

Refrigerator CHOPIN


Vestfrost Art Collection is an artistic initiative that combines portraits of the figures from the world of art and modern refrigerators-freezers CHOPIN in retro style, created in collaboration with painter Urszula Clarise. A model of refrigerator-freezer depicting the famous Polish composer and pianist, Fryderyk Chopin, is a nod towards the Polish world of art and the first proposition of the Danish company that refers to this artist.

The product has been honored in the Dobry Design 2022 competition, receiving the first prize in the category of domestic appliances for kitchen.

Refigerator CHOPIN

Vestfrost Art Collection is a fusion of the works of arts with the art of creating modern domestic appliances. The work on the design of the this special model started with the preparation of the portrait of Chopin by painter Urszula Clarise. Another stage consisted of the preparation of the graphic design and adjusting it to the elegant black fridge in retro style. The original painting has gone to the Chopin Airport, where the guests of Business Lounge Polonez had an opportunity to admire it. There, the official premiere of the project took place as well.

The model VR-FB373-2E0BM depicting Fryderyk Chopin is characterized by a number of modern refrigeration technologies, including the filter keeping the products fresh for a longer time, an advance system of air circulation NoFrost Multi, and an ionizer that eliminates unpleasant odors. The entirety is completed with an ergonomic equipment, planned in detail.

Refrigerators-freezers Vestfrost Art Collection are characterized by a high energy consumption grade E, they are equipped with energy saving LED lights and an electronical control system. Numerous shelves, drawers, boxes and bottle holders make it easier to organize and keep the products in the refrigerator.

More information about refrigerator-freezer Art Collection model Fryderyk Chopin on the website

The licence for refrigerator CHOPIN was granted to Vestel Poland Sp. z o.o. in 2022.