Chopin T-Shirt

ArsArt – T-shirts and bags sporting art

ArsArt intends to popularise Polish art. The love of music made the company transfer the signature Fryderyk Chopin placed at the bottom of a letter in 1842 to T-shirts and bags. The motif is hand painted on fabric in high-quality dye.

T-shirt with Chopin`s autograph -  white, grey, or graphite, the  autographed T-shirts have sleeves, and their necks, rather than being elastic, are finished with the same material that the main body is made of.

Chopin T-Shirt 1
Chopin T-Shirt 2
Chopin T-Shirt 3

Bags with Chopin’s autograph - exceptional ArsArt bag in black, made from thick linen-weave cotton. The print is made with high-quality water-soluble dyes for fabrics.

Chopin Bag 1
Chopin Bag 2
Chopin Bag 3


The licence was granted to ArsArt in 2019.