The strongest Polish brand, recognised all over the world.

The name of “Chopin” is one of the best regonised names in Poland and all over the world. It goes beyond the figure of Fryderyk Chopin – the composer and pianist, and it is a symbol of national identity as well as the most significant elements of Polish culture.

Chopin is a symbol of genius, excellent attribute of perfection and essence of Polishness.

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in numbers

  • The brand of Chopin is estimated at over PLN 3 billion (more than Orlen, PZU or PKO BP)

  • Over 70 Chopin Competitions in 32 countries on 5 continents

  • 60 million pianists in China, 10 million pianists in Japan, 20 million in the USA

  • In 2015 people from 218 countries watched a broadcast of the Chopin Competition in Warsaw

  • Among all composers, producers of movie soundtracks in Hollywood choose Chopin the most frequently

  • At the day of announcing the results of the Competitions Google noted that “Chopin” as a search term was more popular than “shopping”







The Chopin brand is one of the most attractive hallmarks of Poland.

It is associated with the high quality, prestige, perfectness, elitism, reputability, recognition. Such attributes are associated with the product of a brand.


A strong brand which allows to make the product or service recognisable on the market is one of the most important elements deciding about the success of sales.

  • As consumers, we associate the brand with a specific product or service.

  • The brand influences us strongly.

  • It influences our consciousness and leads us during shopping to specific products and services.

  • It helps us in ordering and making the market offer clear.

  • It informs the consumer that the product of a brand comes from a specific entrepreneur.

  • Choosing the brand for products or services, its influence not only on Polish, but also foreign market should be considered.

  • The most precious brands are the renown brands which are widely known among potential clients. The renown of a brand is also a trust of clients, which transforms into benefits from sales.

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and in the mind of a client the positive though arises
about your products and services.