Benefits from obtaining the license to use the CHOPIN brand

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Chopin Competition in 2020 – one of the oldest and most prominent music competitions in the world, taking place every 5 years in Warsaw since 1927. It attracts the 50 thousand people from all over the world, who come to Warsaw. The broadcasts of the Competition are followed by tens of millions of music lovers in the whole world, and the winner of the Competition has a guaranteed career in music.
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Festival “Chopin and His Europe” – international music festival, taking place every year in Warsaw. Over 40 concerts with the most outstanding artists from around the world.
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Terms of reference of the Licensee

  • The licensee obtains

    a wide scope of terms of reference to commercially use the CHOPIN brand to mark its own products or services and to use the CHOPIN brand in their promotion and advertising. It is possible to:

  • • put the CHOPIN brand of products and their containers (e.g. label, sticker, overprint, tag)

  • • place the CHOPIN brand on trade documents connected with placing the Products on the market (e.g. trade letter, orders, catalogues, price lists),

  • • exploit the CHOPIN brand with the aim to advertise product or services (e.g. in press advertisement, internet advertisement, on outdoor advertisement, printed advertising materials)

  • • exploit the CHOPIN brand on the brand’s website of the Licensee and in social media