Chopin Perfume


by miraculum

The aromatic compositions, created from the carefully selected ingredients of the highest quality, produced with precision and craft, resembling the unique character of Chopin’s compositions. They combine the classical fragrance notes with modern ways of their interpretation. The outstanding compositions are an example of contemporary desire to achieving the fragrance perfection called “Chopin level”. The extraordinary line of perfume, inspired by the magic of Fryderyk Chopin’s music, resembles the eternal beauty and character of his oneiric compositions, differentiated in their expression.


fresh, brisk, light, force and sensitivity

The multidimensional mixture of citrus, herbal and nautical fragrance notes perfectly combines with freshness of the morning. The noble wood finish mirror the force and at the same time the sensitivity of the composition, creating the symbolic step towards the rest of the day.


transparent, mysterious, elusive
Chopin ÉTUDE

As spicy as pepper, as elegant as aromatic trees, as fresh as citrus, timeless and luxurious as a whole. The extraordinarily emotional composition of fragrances, creating ideal afternoon aura for the contemporary gentleman.


Decisive, deep, romantic

Deep, resinous notes create the omnipresent atmosphere of mystery and movement. Strong, but still romantic, opus is getting more and more ornamental in the course of time, similarly to changing modulations of the nocturnes.


In 1795, Mikołaj – a father of Fryderyk Chopin – took the position of a teacher in the family of Łączyński, taking care of the education of Maria Łączyńska and her siblings.

Maria, Napoleon’s lover, was known later as Maria Walewska. The great-great-grandchild of Maria Walewska – Hubert d’Ornano together with his wife Izabela née Potocka, in 1975 created the exclusive brand Sisley. Pani Walewska as a brand was introduced to Miraculum’s portfolio in 1971.

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The license for the perfumes CHOPIN was given to Miraculum Sp. z o. o. company in 2017.